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With hire, you can hire forms for a week at 1 cost and do multiple pours instead of having to purchase all pre-cast items which could end up being very expensive.

4- Cost effective

There is no need to store and maintain your own equipment. We deliver, pick up and maintain the gear, so it is in tip top condition all the time, and only a phone call away. No storage or maintenance costs necessary.

3- Hiring is timely and a real space saver

It’s likely that you’ll come across projects that require slightly different specifications to what you normally deal with and that’s okay if you have a versatile stock list of manhole forms, but if you don’t, it can mean additional costs to purchase a form you might only use once. The greatest benefit to hiring is that you don’t need to worry about whether you have the right forms, you don’t need to worry about losing out on a contract or need to find space to store seldom used forms.

A common situation faced nowadays is when the structure needs to be built is deeper than your form, and if you don’t have a deep enough form or if they don’t stack, this can be problematic and might force you to delay work. If you hire, you can easily get the right form or stacked forms for a single-use price, saving you money long-term.

What do you do when the structure to be built is deeper than your form? Use Manhole Form Hire’s stackable forms.

2- Hiring allows more variety to meet unique specs

Considering the vast differences in manhole forms across Australia (with over 200 types of forms), buying will generally limit you to projects in the same jurisdiction, as type preference typically varies per location or council area, like between Brisbane and Sydney, so you’d likely need to purchase a different manhole form for a project in a different region.

With 10 standard size access chambers across various councils and authorities, along with about 20 different wall thickness options, there are 30 sizes of structures any contractor could possibly tender for. Manhole Form Hire have all types and sizes.

If you are looking to enter into projects that involve the construction of manholes, access chambers or sewer lines before you go to purchase manhole forms consider hiring them instead. Not only can we save you money but we can get forms to you for the next day whether you are based in Brisbane or Sydney. 

For more information about Manhole Form Hire and the pros of hiring manhole forms for your next project, contact the team at Manhole Form Hire by filling out our form or calling us.

Contact Manhole Form Hire for your next manhole form hire project.

1- Purchasing can be restrictive


Four reasons why you should hire manhole forms instead of buying them.

Four reasons why you should hire manhole forms instead of buying them.

As anyone in the civil works or construction industry will tell you, manholes are extremely important for a variety of reasons. If you've taken a walk in Sydney or Brisbane or up to Sunshine Coast, you've most likely seen a manhole cover in the street.

They're constructed with manhole forms, which allow you to construct and form manholes for access chambers for sewer access, inspection chambers and maintenance holes onsite instead of trucking in preformed units.

There are more than just a few reasons why you should hire rather than buy when it comes to manhole forms. To help out, we’ve compiled a quick list of common myths, tips, and questions to demonstrate why you’re better off hiring manhole forms than purchasing them. The more you know, the more money you can save.

To help, you can view and download our latest prices, delivery charges and guidelines from the links below and get in touch with us using the enquiry form or call us on (07) 3801 5666 or 0437 015 666.

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