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How to hire your manhole forms and other products from Manhole Form Hire across Melbourne and Victoria?

When it comes to hiring your manhole forms for your next project we have made it easy. To find out all the costs associated with hiring manhole forms visit:

Products available for hire from our Melbourne branch

Manhole Form Hire Melbourne

Manhole forms and other products available across Melbourne and Victoria.

At Manhole Form Hire we have been supplying manhole forms and other products across Queensland and New South Wales for some of the most iconic projects. Across our years of experience in the industry we have received demand for our patented products across Melbourne and Victoria.

From our branch in Melbourne, we can deliver manhole forms along with all of our products across Victoria including Melbourne, Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo and Shepparton. We do also offer custom quotes for areas outside the listed areas.

From our Melbourne branch we have all of our products available for hire including:

  • Light duty pit boxes
  • Heavy duty pit boxes
  • Taper backs & risers
  • Backdrop & extensions panels
  • Drum & pour boards
  • Scaffold
  • Aspro & neck rings

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