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How do your forms accommodate a change in the specs for a structure like twin pipes or backdrop or working at height? Manhole Form Hire can include engineer approved options to cater to these changes. No matter the project or the changes that are made we have a team that can tailor a hire solution to suit you even on short notice jobs.

4- Hiring makes it easier to deal with spec changes - even at short notice

When you are contracting on various sites, where were your forms last used, what condition are they in and how are you going to transport it to where you want them? Manhole Form Hire’s forms go through a quality and maintenance process for every use, so you are guaranteed the highest quality and safest product possible every time you hire.

3- Eliminate cost of damaged goods

When it rains for a week, and you are behind schedule, and your forms can only be used one at a time, how do you catch up? Buying new forms can be costly and not worth the expense if seldom used. If you are stuck playing catchup after a setback you can always hire some extra forms from Manhole Form Hire for the duration of the project instead of purchasing more forms setting your budget back and leaving you further behind while you wait for them to arrive.

2- Faster because you can use many at once - not viable if you are purchasing

Safety is a key priority for any project across any site. With hiring you know you are getting forms that meet rigorous Australian standards and are trusted by businesses across Australia. Furthermore, with hiring through us, you get access to industry experts, engineers and safety professionals, who are eager to answer questions and help ensure that you use the right forms and safety procedures.

What do you tell your engineer or safety rep about the forms being fit for purpose or their capacity for taking load? Well, Manhole Form Hire are always question-ready, with all forms engineer-designed and certified.

Hiring forms mitigates a lengthy list of headaches typically associated with direct form purchasing. However, if you’re still unconvinced - that’s okay! The team here at Manhole Form Hire are always eager to explain their extensive range of services and benefits. Contact us today by filling out our form or by giving us a call.

Contact Manhole Form Hire for all your form hire needs from Brisbane to Sydney and beyond.

1- Safety requirements


4 more reasons why you should hire manhole forms instead of buying them

4 more reasons why you should hire manhole forms instead of buying them

Manholes are a vital part of civil infrastructure all across the world as they allow easy access to underground utilities such as sewer access chambers, inspection chambers and maintenance holes.

However, no two states have the same regulations regarding manholes. From sizes and shapes to the safety regulations surrounding their construction manholes from Brisbane to Sydney vary.

To continue our quick list of common myths, tips and questions about hiring manhole forms from our last article, here are 4 more reasons why you hire manholes forms instead of purchasing them.

To help, you can view and download our latest prices, delivery charges and guidelines from the links below and get in touch with us using the enquiry form or call us on (07) 3801 5666 or 0437 015 666.

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