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Manholes, also known as inspection chambers are access points to a variety of underground services such as electrical pits, sewers and underground utilities. 

While their main purpose is to allow access to the underground manholes have more than one purpose including water overflow storage during heavy rain and floods, and temporary water storage during maintenance to allow access to further sections of the system without the danger of water flooding the section while people are working in the area. 

Every manhole is sealed with a manhole cover for safety, to prevent debris and objects from getting into the system and preventing surface water from getting into the sewage system during rain to prevent flooding.

What is a manhole?

At Manhole Form Hire we specialise in the supply and construction of in-situ manholes using manhole forms. In Latin the phrase In-situ means in place and our in-situ forms is a manhole form that is assembled on site so the manhole can be poured in place instead of poured offsite and transported to where it is needed.

If a manhole is poured on site instead of being created offsite it not only ensures a perfect size fit for your project but also save costs on labour, and backfilling, as well as time in offsite manhole construction and transport to site.

What is an in-situ form?

Manhole forms are a little used method of creating manholes. Manhole forms are multiuse moulds that are used to cast concrete manholes in their final position onsite. The use of a form ensures that that the pouring process goes smoothly and easily and that the resulting manhole fits the sites specifications perfectly.

It’s impossible to construct an inground concrete manhole without the use of a mould or form so it’s important that you use a high quality and reliable form to get the best result. No matter what size manhole you need to construct we have a form to fit your project. Whether you need round or square manhole we have the forms to fit your project.

Why do I need a manhole form?


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