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Once the bolt became a tried and tested piece of equipment that was used daily on all manhole form construction and deconstruction processes, Barry decided that if this bolt worked so well for manhole forms, then it would ultimately work for his competitors, and other people working in the concrete structures business, or anyone working with concrete in general. With the goal of his invention becoming a staple piece of concreting working equipment and one day being sold at Bunnings, he began the arduous undertaking of applying for a patent, which he now owns for the bolt, being the first person to invent, and bring to market, a bolt that is perfect for people working with concrete.

This seemingly tiny innovation, a bolt that looks very much like any other bolt, can save between 15-30 mins in putting a manhole form together, and the same again in the disassembly process.

This bolt has a courser thread, which enables grit, sand and debris to slough off and clean itself as its being turned. This new bolt clears grit, dirt and dust as its being removed in a disassembly process, allowing for the person removing the bolt to spin it through the form at a much quicker pace without it getting snagged and stuck. Having a courser thread means you don't have it turn it as many times, and debris is removed through the process of turning the bolt.

No one knows this better than our manager, Barry Kuster. He struggled with this exact issue on every job when assembling and disassembling the manhole forms. To help combat all the time wasted unsticking clogged bolts, Barry took matters into his own hands and developed a bolt perfect for his business, and indeed anyone working with concrete in the construction industry.

Thanks to this patent, the bolt was able to be developed further, and it is now available in a range of sizes and thread widths so that the right bolt is available to fit any concrete working project. As the next step of making this bolt available to construction workers around the world, Barry intends to start manufacturing these bolts to sell to others in the formwork industry or to anyone working every day with temporary structures around concrete.


Introducing Manhole Form Hire’s Patented “Super Bolt”.

Introducing Manhole Form Hire’s Patented “Super Bolt”.

Anyone in the formwork or concreting industries, including anyone that ever used a bolt in the assembly or disassembly of temporary construction structure, knows the intense struggle of releasing a bolt from a structure after it has been used and its threads are filled with layers of dirt, crud, dried concrete and aggregate. When assembling or disassembling a large structure such as a concrete form or manhole form, clogged and stuck bolts can add additional minutes to a project's length. And when you are working with forms that have between 30 to 80 bolts per form, if every bolt is difficult to remove it can result in hours of lost productive time on a project.

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