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Manhole Form hire has landed in Melbourne

The many variations to Civil Standards in Melbourne pose a challenge to the MFH team.


In case you haven’t heard, as of November 2019, Manhole Form Hire has officially opened up shop in Melbourne and is ready to service the greater Victorian region. With demand for a wider variety of manhole forms and demand for more infrastructure in Victoria not letting up, we knew that adding an outlet to Melbourne was the right decision.

While the team at Manhole Form Hire were organising the move we noticed that the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) has modified the pre-existing IPWEA manhole standards, just as other authorities have in order to accommodate local issues and conditions. Once we identified all the variations the race was on to ensure that by the time the depot opened we were ready to cater to everyone’s needs.

On project sites across Victoria, contractors are faced with an enormous number and types of structures, from round, elongated, tapered and rectangular, then other aspects to consider with different styles of drops and bases! Any Contractor will find that storing, maintaining and moving such a vast array of forms will be a daunting task, let alone financing them!

As manhole forms are all we do at Manhole Form Hire, we’re able to cater to the different needs and requirements across states and local councils easily. As soon as we discovered the differing standards of the MRWA we were able to design and manufacture a range of manhole forms that conform to their requirements. This continues to be an ongoing task for us, to ensure that we can service a vast range of locations and be a valuable asset to every contractor needing to source these new forms.

On any construction project that needs conical access shafts installed, it’s usually more convenient to pour the full height in-situ, from base to roof in one pour. This ensures the highest level of structural integrity and construction efficiency.

We provide conical access shaft risers in seven different heights so that any specified lift can be achieved. The risers can be used in a number of different combinations and with varying heights. Of course, when the inner sections are pulled apart after curing they are removed through the 600 diameter neck of the taper back.

This enables one continuous pour of the shaft and taper without having to dismantle the drum and then pour the taper separately. By pouring a conical access shaft this way both time and money are saved as there is no unnecessary dismantling and assembling and you are able to hire the exact form you need from base to roof.

At Manhole Form Hire we’re dedicated to supplying Brisbane, Sydney Canberra and Melbourne, in fact, all of the eastern seaboard with only the highest quality manhole forms, in every variation, standard and model required. We know the struggles contractors face on-site with sourcing the correct manhole form to fit the local council’s or state’s requirements and aim to provide whatever manhole form is needed quickly and at a competitive price.

To help, you can view and download our latest prices, delivery charges and guidelines from the links below and get in touch with us using the enquiry form or call us on (07) 3801 5666 or 0437 015 666.

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