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If your next manhole construction or maintenance project is in Wollongong, Sydney, or Sunshine Coast, contact us. We also offer manhole hire to Ballina, Logan, Ipswich and the surrounds. We'll help you choose the correct size and shape manhole or manhole lid you need to complete your construction project within your deadline and on budget.

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Manholes are primarily used for one of 6 reasons:


What Are Manholes Used For?

What Are Manholes Used For

As anyone in the civil works or construction industry will tell you, manholes are extremely important for several reasons. If you've taken a walk in Sydney or Brisbane or up to Sunshine Coast, you've most likely seen a manhole cover in the street.

They're constructed with manhole forms, and we offer manhole form hire for access chambers for sewer access, inspection chambers and maintenance holes. No matter if you're out in Canberra, in Port Macquarie, or out in Toowoomba, manhole form hires can save you time and money.

To help, you can view and download our latest prices, delivery charges and guidelines from the links below and get in touch with us using the enquiry form or call us on (07) 3801 5666 or 0437 015 666.

  • Sewer Access- Whether you have an emergency and need immediate sewer access, or if you just have to perform routine maintenance, an access chamber is critical. They'll give you a fast and easy route from the surface to the sewers each time you need it.

  • Inspection Chambers - Inspection chambers give people a safe and secure way to get to utilities or gas lines. For areas like Logan and Ipswich or Wollongong, manhole lids create a seamless and solid divider between the street and the utility or gas lines. They give you a space to pop in and perform routine inspections to make sure the lines function as they should and that there are no weak points.

  • Routine Maintenance - A maintenance hole is something you want to have no matter what you're trying to access, from sewers to utilities to gas lines. Our manhole form hire allows you to quickly and easily build your maintenance holes in Port Macquarie, Gold Coast or Ballina quickly and safely.

  • Safety - Manhole covers are solid enough to walk and drive over. They also create a barrier that keeps the population out of areas like the sewer or away from utility lines where they're not supposed to be. Our manhole form hire offers manhole covers that fit securely to your manhole form.

  • New Construction- If you're out in Canberra or Toowoomba and you need to construct new sewer or utility lines, access chambers are a must have. These chambers will allow your workers to get to the sewer or utility lines to finish the construction and inspect them to ensure they're in top shape.

  • Cleaning and Debris Removal - Sewers will eventually have clogs or problems that have to be cleared out to ensure that the sewer is working properly. A manhole gives you an access point to get into the sewers, find the problem and bring any debris back out.

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