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Using elongated forms to customise manholes and access chambers
If the round manhole form you’re looking to use suddenly requires a short notice variation to accommodate multiple pipes adjacent to each other, don’t despair. Perhaps your digger has uncovered inlets that are spread a little far apart. But you won’t have to worry about long wait times as you organise a correct fit. You can rely on elongated forms (also known as extended forms) to fully accommodate the configuration of pipes into your manhole, and instantly get your project back on track. Extended forms are customisable panels inserted into manhole forms that can be adjusted to suit the ...
Find Out Why Manhole Covers Are Round
While there are a number of different manhole cover shapes, circular manhole covers are by far the most popular. There are a variety of reasons for this, of which we will break down throughout this blog. Manhole covers may not cross your mind every day but there is always a mild curiosity that is associated with them. Why are they the size they are? Why are there so many different ones? Where do they go?
Civil Infrastructure and COVID-19: Why We Need To Keep Moving
As a company that is a supplier to the construction and civil infrastructure industries, we’ve been, for the most part, unaffected by COVID-19. This, however, doesn’t mean we haven’t noticed changes in the industries and haven’t had to make changes in our own company. Throughout the increasing restrictions, we’ve been grateful for the one thing the governments haven’t restricted, construction. Not only because it supports jobs but because construction, especially civil infrastructure construction, is one of the biggest drivers of economic growth.
The Importance of Manholes to Civil Infrastructure
Here at Manhole Form Hire, we champion the humble manhole. Manholes are the reason we come to work every day and we’re proud to know that we’ve played a part in the construction of major civil infrastructure projects across the East Coast with our manhole forms. While not everyone has the same keen interest in manholes and access chambers as we do and more often than not they’re out of sight out of mind, we want to remind everyone of the important role they have in keeping countries moving. 
Manholes: Purpose, Depths and Shapes
A manhole, otherwise known as an access chamber, is a vital part of both surface and subsurface infrastructure for neighbourhoods, towns, cities and states. The ability to get access to the subsurface sewers and waterways has always been an essential part of the design to ensure workers are able to maintain and inspect the pipes. While it may not be a glorious job, maintaining the networks of pipes under cities and towns means people are able to go about their days without having to wonder where their sewerage and wastewater goes.
Why you shouldn't buy precast manholes
It may seem biased, but here at Manhole Form Hire, we’re not the biggest fans of precast manholes and access chambers. But hear us out, there are quite a few real, legitimate reasons why in-situ forms are a good idea. We’re always ones to champion the benefits of hiring manhole forms and really, why wouldn’t you? When you’re able to customise every manhole form order to the exact civil standards and specifications of your project, have the forms delivered when you need them and change your order when you need, why would you do it any other way?
The many variations to Civil Standards in Melbourne pose a challenge to the MFH team.
In case you haven’t heard, as of November 2019, Manhole Form Hire has officially opened up shop in Melbourne and is ready to service the greater Victorian region. With demand for a wider variety of manhole forms and demand for more infrastructure in Victoria not letting up, we knew that adding an outlet to Melbourne was the right decision.
Introducing Manhole Form Hire’s Patented “Super Bolt”.
Anyone in the formwork or concreting industries, including anyone that ever used a bolt in the assembly or disassembly of temporary construction structure, knows the intense struggle of releasing a bolt from a structure after it has been used and its threads are filled with layers of dirt, crud, dried concrete and aggregate. When assembling or disassembling a large structure such as a concrete form or manhole form, clogged and stuck bolts can add additional minutes to a project's length. And when you are working with forms that have between 30 to 80 bolts per form, if every bolt is difficult t...
4 more reasons why you should hire manhole forms instead of buying them
Manholes are a vital part of civil infrastructure all across the world as they allow easy access to underground utilities such as sewer access chambers, inspection chambers and maintenance holes. However, no two states have the same regulations regarding manholes. From sizes and shapes to the safety regulations surrounding their construction manholes from Brisbane to Sydney vary. To continue our quick list of common myths, tips and questions about hiring manhole forms from our last article, here are 4 more reasons why you hire manholes forms instead of purchasing them.
How to Install a Manhole Form
When you are installing a manhole for you can save both time and money by using forms to pour your manhole on site instead of transporting a pre-poured one to site and incurring the additional costs of haulage and delivery.When you are utilising a manhole form, it is important that all you have the right form parts for the job. A basic manhole form consists of an inner drum, outer drum and a manhole lid form. To help tailor your form to suit your project you can also hire square manhole forms, manhole form scaffolds, lifters, taper backs, inner risers and outer risers.
Four reasons why you should hire manhole forms instead of buying them.
As anyone in the civil works or construction industry will tell you, manholes are extremely important for a variety of reasons. If you've taken a walk in Sydney or Brisbane or up to Sunshine Coast, you've most likely seen a manhole cover in the street. They're constructed with manhole forms, which allow you to construct and form manholes for access chambers for sewer access, inspection chambers and maintenance holes onsite instead of trucking in preformed units.There are more than just a few reasons why you should hire rather than buy when it comes to manhole forms. To help out, we’ve compil...
What Are Manholes Used For?
If your next manhole construction or maintenance project is in Wollongong, Sydney, or Sunshine Coast, contact us. We also offer manhole hire to Ballina, Logan, Ipswich and the surrounds. We'll help you choose the correct size and shape manhole or manhole lid you need to complete your construction project within your deadline and on budget.
What Is a Manhole Form?
If you're in need of a civil form, in-situ form or an access chamber, contact us at Manhole Hire Form. We'll bring everything you need straight to your site, whether it's in Ipswich, Wollongong or out in Canberra. We'll work hard to ensure that your needed supplies get to your site quickly and efficiently, and this allows you to focus on your project and make sure that it stays on your deadline. Contact us today!
Construction Mining and Equipment Industry Group (CMEIG) have confirmed that Sydney will host the ve...
Focusing on innovation and the sharing of ideas, the convention will feature interactive stalls from a large variety of industry brands, with new technologies and equipment-orientated innovations on full display.The event’s speaker line-up features notable industry leaders, including Chris Johnson from GHD, Peter Webster from ICN, Safety Expert Deborah Keep, Nick Smick from Airsight, Lindsay Le Compte from ACA and Adrian Hart from BIS Oxford Economics.Speaking topics will include safety, best practice, workforce supply and skill shortages, amongst others.Barry Kuster, National Manager at&nbs...

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Looking to hire manhole forms for your next civil construction project? We have locations in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We offer next day delivery for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and can freight across the rest of Australia.

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